N1.2bn dispute: E-Money speaks


Elijah Adebero

Popular music executive, E-Money, has  spoken in regards to reports that he was declared wanted by the Nigeria police in relation to a N1.2 billion dispute with Autocrop Limited.

E-Money in a bid to clear the air, took to his Instagram page to tell his side of the story. According to him, the online stories circulating are “misleading and do not accurately depict the true nature of the situation.”

“Our attention has been drawn to the Punch Newspaper publication affecting the person of E-Money, the CEO of Emy Cargo & Shipping Services Limited. The pieces of information contained in the said publication are misleading and do not represent the facts of the matter.

“Unequivocally, the news alleging a police probe into a N1.2 billion dispute between E-Money and Autocorp Limited is not an accurate representation of facts.

The Nigeria Police is investigating a report by Auto corp Limited against Emy Cargo & Shipping Services Limited on a business transaction regarding the clearing of vehicles in 2019/2020.’

“Unreservedly, E-money and Emy Cargo & Shipping Services Limited have visited the police as a law-abiding citizen to give accurate details of the business dealings.

Accordingly, we urge the public to refrain from spreading unfounded rumours and sensationalized information.

“The truth of the situation is far more nuanced and does not warrant the sensationalism portrayed in recent reports. Thank you. #itistoolatetofailamen.”

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