Jigan speaks on his wheelchair experience in US


Lasun Alagbe

Actor Jigan has compared the way he is treated in Nigeria and a country like the US.

According to the actor, since he has been going to other part of the world, he is always allowed to make use of a wheelchair because of the challenged situation of his leg.

He noted that since he had been visiting the USA, he hadn’t seen a leg-impaired person walking alone because they are always assisted by someone.

He lamented that it’s a different case in Nigeria.

He claimed: “The real advantage of disability in another part of the world. Since I have been traveling up and down, they gave me option of getting a wheelchair cos of my leg, but Nigeria mentality of not wanting anyone to pity me hasn’t left my head!

Since I have been going around in the USA, I have never see anyone like me walking by themself without someone pushing them !

But if na that country instead make them carry me na wetin dey my pocket dem go want collect !!!!

Eni se gbangban tirintigbaaaaa. If I enter naija if una no offer my wheelchair # epe lema gba! This simple means I’m actually a special being !

Touch down chicago.”




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