“For over two years he has kept his battles within himself, his body is now with his family.

“The family asked that we respect their privacy in this trying time. May God give us all the fortitude to bear this great loss. (amen).

“His funeral services will be announced as soon as it is concluded.”

However, while sharing his opinion on the matter, Fabiyi described the  scenario as “Youthful exuberance.”

He said, “It is youthful exuberance. He is alive. Don’t be in the dark. If he was truly dead, they would have come hard on those saying he is alive, for messing around with a grieving family or so.”

He added that there is the possibility the Lalakukulala crooner experienced a “death scare” and decided to “test his popularity” by pulling a “stunt that may work”.

“There’s nothing new in this game. Maybe he is trying to test his popularity. He may have had a genuine death scare and they wished to play around it or he feels it is a stunt that may work.

“The quest for more popularity takes different tolls on people. This is just a personal opinion though. Whatever it is, let’s just wish him well and be hopeful he is alive. His death has nothing to add to anyone”, Fabiyi said.

Asked if the move doesn’t seem rather fraudulent, the actor said, “It’s not fraudulent, but it’s a very expensive publicity stunt or prank.

“Do you have anything to prove if he passed out truly or was a stunt? Nothing concrete or substantial has surfaced to prove otherwise. Like I said it is expensive and dangerous.

He added, “Isn’t it a Yoruba proverb that says ‘let’s pretend we are dead and see who will truly mourn us?’ The competition and copy in the game are too much.

“I am not in a position to judge any. The entertainment industry is beyond ordinary. People don’t fancy natural or ordinary things much from the sector.

“If I die or suffer any hate-like attacks online or offline it’s the truth or my guts that caused it.”