‘So, yours truly has been appointed Special Adviser to the President on Economic Affairs …’


Some people surely know how to tell their good news with style.

One of them is entrepreneur, politician and critic, Tope Fasua, whom President Bola Tinubu has appointed the Chief Executive Officer of Global Analytics Consulting Tope Fasua, as Special Adviser on Economic Affairs in the office of the Vice President.

Here is how he tweeted the big matter on Friday:

“So, yours truly has been appointed Special Adviser to the President on Economic Affairs in the VP’s office. Just what I wanted for national impact. We thank God Almighty and those who remembered me and insisted. For God and country,” Mr Fasua said.

After his attempt to become Nigeria’s President failed, he joined the Tinubu movement, and became one of its biggest defenders – against stiff odds.
Now, he has been made an Adviser.
Some will call it a reward for his input, but many will not doubt his ability and potential based on how rich and practical a lot of his insights are.
If one should however advise the Adviser now, one should say, advise well. Make it real. Make it impactful. Research on how to hasten development. Help your Principal on how to circumvent poverty. Bring out irresistible advice on how to Singaporise and Dubai-lise Nigeria.
Mr Tope Adviser, there is hunger in the land. There is grave unemployment. But there is unquantifiable land – very rich land – that is largely uncultivated. Yet, millions of jobless youths are roaming the street and the Internet. Are we normal at all? So, Mr Adviser, give your President brain.
Born and raised in Lagos, Fasua attended Army Comprehensive High School in his hometown Akure in 1985 before he went further to study Economics in Ondo State University, where he successfully graduated and received award for the best overall result in the department, faculty and entire school in 1991. In 1996, Fasua became a qualified accountant after attending the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria to obtain ACA (Associate Chartered Accountant). In between Fasua’s movement from his long banking practice into starting his consulting firm, he attended London Metropolitan University to gain Master’s degree in Financial Markets and Derivatives in which he got Distinction in 2006. Harvard Business School, University of Groningen, Lonestar Academy, Texas are some of the academic institutions where Fasua has attended for executive programmes. Currently, he is a fellow Academic with his Ph.D in Public Policy and Administration, in view at Walden University.



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