Even in London, MohBad felt unsafe – Iyabo Ojo’s lover, Paulo

Paul O and lover, Iyabo Ojo

Elijah Adebero


Even in London, MohBad felt unsafe – Iyabo Ojo’s husband – Paulo

Husband of popular actress, Iyabo Ojo, Paulo, has recalled how fear followed widely mourned artiste, MohBad, even to London to where he invited him for performance.

Paulo, a music promoter, indeed revealed he had been feeling really bad since he died.
Paulo, in a recent interview, shared his last encounter with the singer.
According to him, he is feeling like he is the cause of all that happened to the singer because he was responsible for taking him to the UK where he performed and got other shows to perform in.
Paulo, in an interview with Daddy Freeze, also recalled that MohBad felt unsafe even in London but he had to assure him that the system was good enough to protect anyone.
Paulo said: “ (stet): I think I’m even the person who caused all this wahala. If I didn’t take Mohbad to UK I don’t think all this could have started again. Because after the UK show, he got a show in Greece had a European tour and started having all this opportunities again. I feel so sad.
“I told him we are going to London, get me your passport, I will get you your Visa we are doing UK tour. He was just panicking even when he came to London we were in one of the hotels, he started telling me that he is getting threats. Listen, I didn’t know this thing was this bad.
“When he told me he needed security, I told him what is security gonna do? You are in London. And he showed me something that was when I told him that as long as he is here that he is okay, nobody is coming to touch him. I spoke to him and his manager and I also told him that we would get him a security guard.”

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