The spelling mercy for which Bimbo Ademoye should thank God

Bimbo Ademoye

Akeem Lasisi

When star actress Bimbo Ademoye grabbed an opportunity to count her blessings recently, there is one she did not identify: the anointing for the correct spelling of certain tricky words.

Perhaps she does not realise it is a strength.

She profusely thanked God, saying there was none of His blessings she could deny. She appeared to have passed through a difficulty and she did not forget to thank her fans too for being there for her.

Bimbo, who is also a skit maker, did not however thank God – or her teachers – for making her master the spellings and usages of two words that many mishandle: being and grateful. Such folks – including some of her star entertainers – are fond of mixing up the words with ‘been’ and ‘greatful’ – respectively. Of course, there is no acceptable term like greatful!

Gallantly, the acclaimed actress wrote on Instagram:

Which of God’s mercies can I deny?

Absolutely none.

Dear God! Thank You.

To my cyber family. Thank you for your love.

I have never needed it as much as I did yesterday.

Thank you for not playing about me. I love and adore you guys. Thank you so much for being my rock.

This lady is grateful. Thank you.

English Language teachers, including this writer, thanks Bimbo for not saying “Thank you so much for ‘been’ my rock. This lady is ‘greatful.”


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