MohBad: Between Naira Marley and I or Between Naira Marley and Me?


Akeem Lasisi

“Between Naira Marley and I, it’s ‘Hi, hi’ from far, you know.”


Lagos-based rapper, MohBad (Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba),  may have roused the sleeping dog of an ageless grammatical issue.

Many are usually confused choosing the appropriate pronoun in the phrase between you and I/me.

In a recent interview, MohBad had cause to use the statement, when giving an update on the relationship between him and his former label, Naira Marley Music – owned by his estranged boss, Naira Marley.

Speaking on the ‘Big Friday Show’ with reality TV star, Tacha, MohBad had noted: “Between Naira Marley and I, it’s ‘Hi, hi’ from far, you know.”
The question that arises is: is it ‘between you and I’ or ‘between you and me’? Experts say the correct expression is the latter: between you and me.
The main reason borders on a rule that says it is the objective pronoun that follows ‘between’, especially in that context. The other pronouns to, consequently, watch include him, her and them.
These are personal pronouns in the objective rather than subjective forms:
Between you and him (not he)
Between you and her (not she)
Between you and them (not they)
Between you and me (not I).
Naira Marley
Meanwhile, on the Tacha’s programme MohBad recalled his experience with Naira Marley:  “We just had a split, you know. From Marlian music to Imolenization. We just wanted to be on our own but it didn’t come easy.

“Doing my own thing, I’m happy being all by myself because that’s what I wanted ever since. It’s been more difficult, normal cos nothing good comes easy.

“There’s nothing that has made me consider going back to Marlian Music. It’s forward ever. Ajeh!

“Between Naira Marley and I, it’s ‘Hi, hi’ from far, you know.”


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