You can imagine how big my salary is teaching in China – Nigerian teacher


As many teachers groan in Nigeria because of poor pay, one of their compatriots teaching in China, Bello Habeeb Galandanchi, has given a rosy picture of the salaries tutors receive in China.

Things can be so bad for some teachers in Nigeria that they receive N15,000 as salary, with many university professors earning less than N400,000, which is about $700.

But, responding to some who queried him for not teaching in Nigeria, Galadanchi, who is also a filmmaker, said teachers were well respected and remunerated in China.

As ‘Linda Ikeji’ reports, he further shared a shopping card which all the teachers in his school received, saying that the salaries and benefits are also great.

“I’ve received a lot of criticism for teaching primary school kids in China, instead of Nigeria. Out of the blue, our HR office gave out these cards (2nd biggest retail app in China) to all teachers yesterday just to show appreciation. You can only imagine what our salaries are,” he tweeted.

“Please don’t go around Nigeria telling people that “The Pay is better” is not deep. Also, my answer is implied, if you read it well, it means “we are well taken care of”. On the other hand, your comment is shallow,”he added.

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