Tongues wag as Nigerian gospel singer converts to slay queen


A Nigerian gospel singer, Evan Okoro, has turned 360 degrees into what is now referred to as a slay queen – a lady cruising the town with worldly emotions.

Okoro is not dong so quietly as she is telling her story online.

As a result, many are expressing mixed feelings, with some blaming her for so backsliding.

She tells her story (sic):

”Real story of if your church can not change you, you change your church, Isaaa dewu dewu season.

“Proud sweet teenage girl that brought her parent to the city back then, with full of dreams, I was feeling like a boss here the day I took this picture
chai I started suffering from childhood oooo.  At 13 I rented Comfortable one room and parlor for my parent and brought them out from village to the city, Onisha city, yes that was my first dream in life. And God helped me to achieve it.

“I hawked everything hawkable just for my family to move to the city, at such a tender age. Life is a journey abeg make I enjoy my life small.. because my childhood was taking away from me by poverty. But today!!! Well the story is for another day Isaaa dewu dewu season.”

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