SILVER LINING:  A song for Akinwunmi Ambode


SILVER LINING: For Akinwumi Ambode

By Akeem Lasisi

Composed in May 2016 in acknowledgement of the outstanding performance of the former Governor Akinwunmi Ambode administration – amid the generally uninspiring show of the then All Progressives Congress’ federal ‘Change’ government


In an era when OPEC went into a coma

And the naira slumped in the market square

The agenda for change caught flu

The Broom was caught in a morning maze


But, Son of a Diligent Teacher,

You have kept alive the doctrine of hope:

Like a silver lining in the national sky

You have imbued the Lagoon with renewal light


The cynics asked what could the cockerel do

You said they should take their time to see its crest

They asked what could the elephant do

You said they should watch its head for a giant tusk


Itesiwaju ilu Eko,

Morning has predicted the colour of noon;

A chip off a tested heritage,

Your slogan is not an empty bag.


Because you have infected our Lagos with a fertile aura

Bridges are sprouting like lilies in a loamy soil

From mainland to hinterland,

Life is breathed into forgotten roads


Because hoodlums are feeling the pulse of your firearms

Our markets are gaining a breathing space

Neighbourhoods long abandoned in selective despair

Are feeling the impact of your punctual broom


Countenance of a dove,

Wings of the eagle:

Was it not a single day

That you armed the cops with a hundred vans?


Was it not a single day

You planted armoured planes in our joyous sky,

Was it not a single day

You calmed the sea with dragon boats?


But now that we know your appetite to build is very large

We will reward your diligence with a longer list

The path of progress is clear and square

But there is still a flood to drain from the water pot.


Son of a virtuous teacher,

We claim the rail, we claim the pledge

The pledge of a Fourth Mainland Bridge

And the healing promise of a MediPark


Son of a listening teacher,

But lower your ears, I have a gist

I am the invisible eagle on the Carter Bridge

I see the turns and twists of our aquatic state


I know of a school in the outer land

Where teachers resume at 10 and leave at 12

There is a hospital in the central zone

Where nurses batter patients with bladed tongues


Son of a noble calling,

The harvest is plenty,

But your resolve is grand

The morning has heralded a viable noon


The sun that rises in Lagos West

Will renew your strength for further strides

The smiles that flow from the people’s hearts

Will reward your diligence with solid health.

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