Congrats to Iya Gbonkan as she gets N5m car intervention

Iya Gbonkan

ctress Margaret Bandele Olayinka aka Iya Gbonkan has received N5 million donation for her car and housing project.

Joined by her colleagues, Tamo Tiye and Abeni Agbon, the film stars expressed appreciation to Nigerians for their support.

Last month, the 64-year-old actress begged fans to get her a car, explaining she was yet to own one despite being a popular figure in the industry for a long while.

To actualise her dream, Agbala Gabriel, a well-known prophet in Ibadan, instantly made plans to solicit funds from kindhearted individuals around the globe.

For her car and house, more than N5 million had been raised thus far.

The seasoned entertainer was visited by the cleric in Osogbo, according to a recent video that is going viral.

The nearby-residing actresses, Abeni Agbon and Tamo Tiye also paid Iya Gbonkan a visit and gave her N500,000.

In the clip, they were also captured showering thanks and prayers to all who responded financially to the thespian’s cry online.

Appreciating everyone for their financial support in Yoruba, Iya Gbonkan said: “I’m thankful and I don’t have power, you are my backbone, you will not get tired.

“My matter will not get you tired and you will not be indebted for the good thing you are doing to me.

“In the name of God, you will have enough to spend. You will not have pain and in the name of God, you will not go blind.”

-The Nation

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