BREAKING: No show yet for Guardiola as Inter clip City’s wings

Pep Guardiola

Lasun Alagbe

With a solid 5-3-2 formation backed with functional vigour, Inter Milan are currently demystifying Man City in the ongoing Champions League final. .

The Pep Guardiola’s boys are so far more or less a shadow of themselves based on their status and the expectation by man – that they would rubbish Inter as fast as light.

Inter’s coach is, indeed, making those of Bayern and Real Madrid, whom City had outsmarted to reach the final, look unintelligent because his brain seems to be showing wonder.

What is unsure is if Guardiola will be able to fashion out a new trick to beat the opponents.

Unfortunately for him, he has had to replace Kevin De Bruyne, one of his strongest men, due to injury.

Phil Foden had to come in for him.

Lesson so far: Don’t over-underprice or over-price any team at a crucial stage like this.

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