Bitterness has consumed my  heart – BBNaija star Ka3na over husband’s death




BBNaija alumnus, Ka3na Jones, has finally poured out her heart after she lost her white husband earlier this month.

A few weeks ago, online burial footage and pictures showed the reality TV star sobbing uncontrollably next to a casket.

Along with other individuals thought to be Jones’ friends and relatives, Ka3na was spotted with her little kid. Jones was said to have been buried in London on May 16, 2023.


Speaking about the death of her husband,, she said the news of his death came at a wrong time.

According to her, even at the point of death, her husband still believed he was going to come out victorious in his battle against cancer.

The reality personality claimed that since the unfortunate event, bitterness had eaten her heart and that it would be challenging to move on without her husband.

She wrote:

“Life 1-Ka3na 0. Today I Found The Courage To Put These Words Together..LIFE won this time!!

“I was only 9yrs old when I lost my father. My mom said I cried while everyone else was, but my tears was hunger related. I never knew what it felt like to lose a LOVED one until I received the sad call from the hospital 01-05-2023!

“Took exactly three days for me to actually process the information and from that moment of acceptance grieve has consumed my entire world.

Everyone is asking me to move on but HOW?? Your death has made our daughter fatherless and your Kate a widow in my 20s💔

“I do not wish what am currently going through on anyone. Death is inevitable yet the only occurrence we are never prepared for.

“Regardless of all the pains you went through in the last days of your life, you never gave up hope! You kept on saying “My Kate, Don’t Worry! I’m Going To Beat Cancer And Be Here For Our Lila’s 18th Birthday & Graduation” Oh Death How Could You??? 💔😭

“Flash Backs, Memories & Our Beautiful Daughter is all I have left of you.

Bitterness has consumed my heart. How do I move on with life? You were my only true backbone and confidant in everything. You loved and adored me till every end.

I will never forget, I will never let go. I will forever cherish them for the rest of my life. (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8)”.



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