Waiting for a husband, a game of fate

Upside Down
Akeem Lasisi

By Akeem Lasisi

I found my man at the nick of fate

When awaiting days began to tick in haste

Tilting spinsterhood’s pendulum to nervous realms.


When Pastor Chris rang the bell for Searching Souls,

Swift as a swift,

I was the first candidate at the singles’ camp.


Every Sabbath morn

Draped in velvet,

Preened like a roach


I headed for the miracle temple

Hoping for a cork for my fermented wine,

A godly cock for my lingering hen.


Strategic seat

Strategic applause

Strategic smile on my powdered face.


Waiting for a hubby, a game of fate:

Samuel Becket mocked me

When I waited for Godot on the outskilts of youth,



Lingered and fasted for a loyal pigeon

In the cocky market of Adam’s creed.


Waiting for a hubby, a game of fate.

Isaiah’s prophecy stares the waiter in the face

When each passing moon,


Age encroaches in haste on daughter of hope

Menopause prances, prancing menopause

With the rabid fury of Koroma’s dogs.


Eyes winked, tongues wagged

When I waited and waited upon my fate

For the right crown for my lonely head.


They said I was the accursed nut without a lobe.


“Herbalists are tired,

Imams are piqued.”


“She’s the oldest face

At the singles’ camp.”


“A special project

For specialist docs!”


Eyes had winked, wagged had tongues

But delay is not a denial for a daughter of fate

After a long season of their callous jeering,

A right crown for my lonely head.


Now the river is crossed.

The river is crossed:

Let the eagle carry the tale from earth to Pluto

Earth to Pluto and back to earth


The river is crossed,

The Nile is crossed:

Diving dolphin,

Bear the glad tiding to the Limpopo’s bed


The river is crossed,

The Niger is crossed.

Tornado to Tunis

And hurricane to Hague


The bridge is crossed, the Lena is crossed.

Let the cyclone courier the tale from Saudi to the heart of Rome,

That the goddess of spinsters is down in tears:

Has lost a darling queen to the amazons’ club.



  • From NIGHT OF MY FLIGHT: The Poetry of a Lady about to Wed, by Akeem Lasisi
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