Interrogating 2face’s new thesis on adultery



Lasun Alagbe

Iconic artiste, Innocent Idibia, popularly known as 2baba or 2face, has been making some daring comments on cheating.

He used to be notorious for befriending and impregnating ladies, to the extent that he has some baby mamas in this world.

In a recent episode of the South African reality series Young, Famous and African, 2baba discussed why men betray the women they care about during dinner with his wife and other cast members.

According to him, it’s possible for a man to love his woman and still go ahead to cheat on her because his manhood wants something else. It is a position that has sparked controversy and is capable of provoking more reactions now and later.

The singer continued by saying that in that situation, he would be more concerned with how to relieve himself than with the woman he loves.

“A man could love a woman to hell. Hundred percent. His dick would just decide something else. But he won’t ever give a fuck about that person. He just wants to sort out that shit.”


Monogamy not normal in Africa – Daddy Freeze

Controversial media personality, Daddy Freeze, has decided to defend star musician, 2face, as regards his comment that it is natural for men to cheat on their wives even when they love them (wives).

He said monogamy was not a normal practice in Africa.

According to Daddy Freeze, his father has two wives while his grandfather had four wives, saying polygamy is natural with Africans.

Daddy Freeze used historical figures like David, Abraham, Solomon, and others as instances of men who had cheated on their wives to support his argument.

“Political correctness and feminism wouldn’t kill us. My grandfather had four wives, my father has two wives. How do u tell me it’s normal for men to be monogamous?

“We try to normalise Western Values and not all Western values adapt to us. I tell people that I am monogamous, but it’s not normal. Monogamous isn’t your entitlement as a woman, it is the work you get. It is not normal for an African man to have one wife.”


Uche Ebere admonishes 2face on cheating stance

Popular actress, Uche Ebere, has reacted to the claims of artiste, 2Face saying a man can love his woman and still cheat on his wife.

Appearing on the Young, Famous, and African reality show, he had said that cheating on one’s woman did not mean not loving the wife.

His wife, Annie, who is not pleased with the view, has tackled the singer.

Now actor Uche Ebere believes the artiste ought to have been silent on the matter.

She asserted that although what Tuface had stated was accurate, she should have considered his wife’s position.

Uche Ebere wrote:

“Many people pretend a lot on this app.  Truth is truth no matter who Is saying it. Tuface is right but I’m against saying it in the presence of his wife, which makes the wife trying to play victim and trying to take it personal from her facial reaction. He would have avoided the question instead.”



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