Everybody now  praying to God of Regina Daniels because of Nwoko – Nedu

Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko



Popular media personality, Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, who is widely known as Nedu, has called out those who criticised young actress, Regina Daniels, for marrying an older man, Ned Nwoko.

According to the actor, the rate at which many called Ned as being too old for Regina, if the former announces that he wants to get married to all the ladies in Lagos one after the other, they would definitely line up to get married to him.

Speaking further, he noted that if it were to be a young guy who married an older woman, he would be dragged for marrying her because of her money.

Nedu said:

“Shoutout to Ned Nwoko and Regina Daniels. When the whole thing came on social media, everybody went berserk. Everybody was like, ‘what is Regina Daniels thinking?

“But everybody is praying to God of Regina Daniels. If Ned Nwoko comes now and say, ‘Every Lagos girl, I want to marry all of you one by one,’ plenty girls will queue up.

“I saw one post the other day, some weeks ago, where Ned Nwoko opened the door [for Regina Daniels], everybody dey say ‘Awnn! Couple goals. God when?”




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