Beyond Blaqbonez’s failed marriage proposal to Nancy Isime



Elijah Adebero

Popular actress and TV Host, Nancy Isime, has responded to the marriage proposal made to her by sensational artiste, Blaqbonez, during one of his recent performances.

The most recent episode of Nancy Isime’s TV show featured Blaqbonez, who took advantage of the occasion to declare his love for her.

Blaqbonez had got a negative response as the actress declined the proposal right away and carried on with the show.

“Marriage? I will marry. I will marry, but I will be in like a different kind of marriage. If you [Nancy] are open to it, I’m in love with you so…”, he said.

Nancy Isime instantly replied, “No!”

Blaqbonez was not embarrassed by Nancy’s swift rejection, though. Instead, he laughed it out

Speaking on his ideal marriage, the singer said he and his wife would have separate rooms to cater to their individual differences. He went on to cite an example of liking a dark room whereas his wife might be more inclined to a pink setting. The artiste also said he liked his bathroom to have a certain look and did not want to see things hung in different parts.

Furthermore, Blaqbonez said the separate room arrangement with his partner helps him keep up with his polygamous nature so that he would be having relations with other women without disturbing his wife.



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