Arsenal finally bungle glory as City win EPL on platter of Forest

Arsenal FC: File photo

Akeem Lasisi

If others are lucky to win on silver platter – some erroneously say on platter of gold – Manchester City only needed a Forest platter to claim the 2023 EPL trophy on Saturday.

This happened on as their challenger, Arsenal, lost 0-1 to Nottingham Forest in a game that even their enemies thought they would win by all means.

The loss means that the amazingly amazing Guardiola’s guys have won the Premier League for the fifth time in six seasons, a feat that no other team have come close to, at least in recent dicey years.

Indeed, not the likes of Chelsea, Man U and Liverpool, most of whom have been a shadow of their glorious selves in the dying season.

With the loss to Forest, Arsenal are four points adrift of City with one game remaining, so that even if the latter lose 0-100 to Chelsea, they already have the diadem in their insatiable bag.

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