We won’t allow them to sabotage the election with fuel scarcity – Tinubu

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All Progressives Congress’ presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has alleged that the current fuel scarcity in the country is being fuelled by sabotage.

He also linked the naira scarcity to alleged intrigues surrounding the change in design, which he called ‘naira coloration’.

According to him, some people are creating the artificial scarcity to sabotage next month’s election.

Speaking in Abeokuta during his ongoing rally, he said, “They have created fuel scarcity. They are sabotaging fuel. They are hoarding the naira, but the election will hold and we will win.

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“They don’t want the election to hold. They want to scatter it. But whether there is fuel not, whether there is tricycle or okada or there is not, we will vote, we will win.”

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