My children are asking me to relocate abroad – Film director Bakare

Bakare and his actress wife, Ireti

Renown Film Director, Adeoye Bakare, on Monday said that he had refused to relocate abroad because of his love for Nollywood’s “Project Nigeria”.

Bakare said this on the sidelines of the premiere of one of his signature movies, “Asigbo”, in Lagos.

According to the film director, he is always emotional about Nigerian products.

Bakare expressed his love for promoting made-in-Nigeria products, saying he would be willing and ready to support the younger folks who had same motive as himself.

“I am emotional about Nollywood and project Nigeria, any any venture that will work toward promoting our own products and by extension, I love promoting our culture in movies.

“I have had the opportunities to travel abroad and even relocate in the past, my children over there will not give me a breathing space.

“They have been disturbing me to come but I refused, because I believe so much in project Nigeria.

“We, as filmmakers, must try to assist the government to say Nigeria is a good country where things work positively,” he said.

Bakare, who emphasised the therapeutic effect of watching films, said that this was capable of allaying depression.

“Our films can heal individuals of depression; when people watch films, they get entertained, laugh, smile and think less of their problems.

“As simple as the process seems, it goes a long way in helping people relieve stress.”

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