American woman demands divorce from Jim Iyke

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Jim Iyke and Carllie Taggett

Elijah Adebero

An American lady known as Carllie Taggett, has called out famous actor, Jim Iyke, as she says she wants a divorce from him.

The US lady, who claimed to be legally married to the actor, presented evidence of her alleged marriage certificate to the actor while insisting that their union is still binding by United States law.

According to her, Jim Iyke abandoned her which has not given her the opportunity to move on with her life since the marriage is allegedly a legal one.

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“It has been a pain I bore all these years. I have tried to be reasonable to understand why he abandoned our marriage without a divorce, but he has been evading me, that is why I decided to call his attention, pending when he decides to be reasonable or face the consequences of his actions in marriage court in the US,” she said.

“All I have always asked is for Jim Iyke to be a man and come out to give me a divorce so that I can move on with my life because it is impossible to be remarried while my marriage to him is yet to be dissolved through a legal process.

“Let me reiterate the point that no one is against him, I just want him to voluntarily come to divorce proceedings or he can take the initiative of coming out for us to settle outside of divorce court if he is serious about it”, she added.

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