The structure that Obidient movement needs – Russia-based supporter


The President of Nigerian Community in Russia, Dr Maurice Okoli, has urged supporters of Labour Party (LP) Presidential Candidate, Mr Peter Obi, to have an effective structure if they must succeed in 2023 general elections.

Okoli stated this in a statement on Sunday, noting that the OBIdient Movement being backed by many young Nigerians would not deliver its desired goals if they were not well coordinated.

“The axiom that the people are the structures is self-evident truth but not an established rule and principle,” he said.

He attributed the unity for a new Nigeria, manifested in the wave of support for the candidacy of Obi, to the wanton deterioration of the nation’s security, cultural, social, economic and political situations.

Okoli noted that there seemed to be a fad in the OBIdient movement that structure was not important.

“It is not true because in such a movement, you have to know who is accountable, what you expect, and from whom.

“In the absence of that, things will happen unpredictably and the unpredictable result could be something you don’t like.

“As much as you need a network, communication and teamwork, it is important to know who is at the back, in the front, left, and also on the right.

“The OBIdient movement needs an effective and efficient structure that can deliver the goal of winning a national election.

“Any person that is given a task must be told what he is expected to do, and the right person must be picked for each task.

“You must show the person how to do it and how you expect it to be done and the person must know when to deliver the task and who is responsible to see that the task is done,” Okoli said.

According to him, there must be a valuation and monitoring of the process to keep all the tasks on track.

Okoli who is a fellow of Institute for African Studies Academy of Sciences, Russia and the Institute of World Economy and International Relations Academy of Sciences, Russia, urged the OBIdient movement to be wary of PDP and APC ahead of the 2023 general elections.

He noted that the two major political parties appeared to be more prepared for the election financially, more than the other political parties.

“The OBIdient movement needs not only the right, efficient and effective structure that will enable them to win the national election, they must also keep in check, the two major political parties from impacting the result of the election through the use of different subversive instruments at their disposal.”

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