I got the gift of an egg on Nigeria’s first Independence Day – Adebayo Salami

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Veteran actor and filmmaker, Adebayo Salami, has recalled his experience of Nigeria’s first Independence Day in 1960.

According to him, he got an egg as a gift for participating on the street.

In an interview in ‘Saturday Punch’, he spoke about the day and the country in general:
“When I think of Nigeria, what comes to my mind is that Nigeria is my home and I will remain here no matter what. What Nigeria is going through is normal because we are facing global problems like many other countries.”
“My most memorable Independence Day celebration was on October 1, 1960. I was on the street holding the Nigerian flag and I was given an egg.

“Nigeria will get better. All we are going through now, the United States and Britain had gone through it in the past. So, we will also get there.”

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On what spurred him to go into the entertainment industry back then, he said, “I only followed (my) destiny. I have always been drawn to culture since I was a child. There have been many changes in our entertainment industry in terms of technology, talent and creativity.”

On the song that comes to his mind whenever he thinks of Nigeria, he said, “Nigeria yi ti gbogbo wa ni (Nigeria belongs to all of us) by King Sunny Ade and other artistes.”

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