God has forgiven me – Nigerian matchmaker who had 15 abortions

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Nigerian matchmaker who once had 15 abortions, Lara Ikudaisi, has claimed forgiveness from God.

She says she is through with healing process and she is truthful with her new experience.

Although she has lost a marriage, she says, she will soon remarry in spite of her past.

She narrates her story in an interview with ‘The Punch’:

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“My relationship with God is fantastic. He is my friend, saviour and father. He is the one who directs me. Many people think that because I have done 15 abortions, I might be a bad girl or ungodly. God is very merciful and not judgmental like human beings. If one is remorseful and genuinely repentant after committing a sin, God will forgive that person and still make effective use of that person.

“I went public with my abortion story even before I got married. My ex-husband met me sharing my abortion story, which was what attracted him to me. My marriage had nothing to do with my past and this was the inspiration behind my book, ‘Why the Matchmaker’s Marriage Failed’.

“I trust men a lot and I will be remarrying soon. What makes one not to trust men after heartbreak is because one has not healed. One has to pursue healing because it is very important. When one has healed, the kind of people one will attract and have a relationship with will be very different, and there will be nothing to fear anymore. Therapy is a life saver but a lot of people do not know that.”

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