Words Commonly Misspelt (1)

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Janet Adewuyi

Good spelling is vital to good written communication. If someone has problems with spellings, the person will not be able to do well in writing, whether in essay, letter, comprehension or summary writing. As a matter of fact, he or she is bound to be losing marks too cheaply.

In exams such as the West African Senior School Certificate Examination, (WASSCE) candidates are penalised for poor spelling, meaning that marks are deducted due to spelling errors. This is apart from the fact that, even outside examination situations, poor spelling exposes one to ridicule. If you write an application letter for a job, and such is riddled with spelling errors, you are not likely to go far. Also, on social media, poor spelling is an anathema, which subject even celebrities to viral mockery.

What are the causes of bad spellings?
1. Poor reading culture.
If you do not read widely and consistently, you will not be exposed to many words, whose spellings you will not be familiar with. So, you must cultivate a good reading habit and pay attention to spellings of words, especially those you find difficult to spell. As is generally said, the reader is the leader, both in terms of knowledge and the art of writing.


2. Carelessness
Many people write poorly because they are careless, especially in the process of writing. It may be that they are not focused, or they do not invest their attention in what they are doing. As a result, they end up committing avoidable spelling errors. Solution: Always write with full presence of mind.

3. Failure to read before submission or posting
You must always ensure you read over your work before submitting it to the appropriate quarters. When you do so, you will be able to eliminate mix-ups and omissions, and pay extra attention to words you are likely to have misspelt.

4. Poor time management
Poor time management causes spelling errors. You must always plan your time well, based on the time allocated to the exam, and time allocated to each question. What one finds out is that, many a time, is that a lot of candidates spend too much time on a particular section, and are thus forced to rush through the remaining parts. In such a situation, spelling errors are bound to occur. Also, when you are required to participate in a competition or prepare a correspondence, say, in an office situation, do the work on time. Don’t wait till the deadline is too close to avoid rushing and thus spelling words upside-down.