UBA wants you to turn that N1,000 into good money!


Here is a new tip from UBA, sent to its customers on financial intelligence:

If someone gives you a thousand naira today, do you wonder how to spend it? Don’t overthink it, collect the money and deposit it into your Savings Account, because that ₦1,000 can make you rich. Here’s how:

1. Fuel your future

There is saving, and then there is the UBA Savings Account, which features high-interest rates and security. Open a Savings Account today and start saving, the more you save, the higher your interest.

2. Get pocket money

Ever dipped your hands in your pocket and felt you needed some extra cash? You can stand a chance to win ₦15,000 pocket money for a year when save you ₦5000 in the UBA NextGen Account.

3. Bump into millions

The goal this year is to become a millionaire, and one of the easiest ways is with the Bumper Draw. Save ₦5000 naira in your Bumper account and qualify to win N2 million and other fantastic prizes in the Bumper Draw. Simply dial *919*20# to open a Bumper Account or *919*20*1# to migrate from your existing Savings Account.

As you earn millions of naira, remember to keep your money safe. UBA will never ask you for your OTP, PIN, card number or other sensitive information, so please don’t share it with anyone, even if they claim to be from UBA. If you suspect any fraudulent activity on your account, please call our fraud helpline 01-2808800 or email [email protected].

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