How PDP leader collected N1bn from Lagos towards convention – Wike

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has alleged that ‘Lagos’ gave N1bn to a leader of the Peoples Democratic Party.
He said a leader whose name he mentioned collected the amount which he solicited but the money did not get to the party’s purse.

He said this on Friday during an ongoing live TV interview.

When reminded he was making the allegation on national television, Wike said, “He has the opportunity to challenge me. Some of the governors can tell you the truth. Will he deny the fact that he collected the money from Lagos?
He met one of the presidential candidates and said he was not sure some of the governors would sponsor the party’s convention.
“He collected the money but it did not enter the party’s purse. I am the one saying it. I am Rivers State governor. Serious governor. Let him deny this and I will say more.