Chinese ex-police minister sentenced to life in prison for corruption

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China, India agree troops should disengage after border standoff

Former Vice Police Minister, Sun Lijun, was sentenced to life in prison on Friday by the court in the north-eastern Chinese city of Changchun in Jilin province.

Sun was sentenced to death but because of his willingness to cooperate, the judge suspended the execution, meaning that the 53-year-old must serve life in prison.

According to state media, Sun was at the head of a `political clique` and was described as “disloyal” to state and party leader Xi Jinping.

His entourage also included former Justice Minister Fu Zhenghua, 67, who received the same sentence.


Three former police chiefs of Shanghai, Chongqing and Shanxi province are also serving long prison sentences.

The sentences came three weeks before the Communist Party Congress in October, which takes place only every five years and at which Xi is expected to further expand his power and be confirmed for an unusual third term.

Since taking office 12 years ago, Xi has pursued a broad anti-corruption campaign, which experts say the powerful party leader has also used to rid himself of political opponents.

experts said Sun’s punishment sends a “clear political signal” to the security apparatus that loyalty was required ahead of the personnel changes at the Party Congress.

The deputy police minister was accused of accepting bribes and goods worth a total of 646 million yuan ($90 million), between 2001 and 2020, according to the official Xinhua news agency.

Similarly, the former justice minister was accused of bribery to the tune of 117 million yuan.