Atiku does not have Lagos. He doesn’t have Kano. Now, he doesn’t want to have Rivers? Wike asks

Wike nd Atiku

Lasun Alagbe

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has wondered how the Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, can win in 2023.

He is basing his doubts on the advice that some people are said to be giving Atiku that he could win without Rivers.

According to him, those telling Atiku such have no electoral value and are not wishing the candidate well.


On an ongoing live TV interview, Wike said on Friday:
If God decides Atiku will be President, he will. But those those telling Atiku he couls do without Rivers have no electoral value. They said Buhari didn’t win Rivers State but he emerged President. But the fact is that Buhari did not win Rivers but he won Lagos and Kano. Does Atiku have Lagos and Kano? So, he already has zero over three.
“You want to imagine a President of Nigeria that does not have Lagos, Kano, Rivers? Will that President be comfortable?
I don’t think Atiku will listen to those giving him that kind of suggestions. They are politically irrelevant.
Since 1999, PDP has always won Rivers. Remember, there is a past governor, who was a minister and Campaign DG of another party , did he win Rivers?