90% of women their husbands send abroad end up jilting the men – Buchi


Relationship coach, Solomon Buchi, has dished out relationship advice to men who send their spouses abroad for greener pastures.

According to Buchi, men should stop investing in ladies because they (females) will dumping the men at the end.

He insists in a tweet that men should desist from investing in women by sending them abroad to school with the hope they’d get great jobs and help out with bills when the time comes.

He says:


“Men, stop sending women to school abroad believing they’ll get better jobs and then they’ll help with bills.

Stop investing your life into these women.

Meet her halfway. Most of these women after doing all that, they’ll dump you, call the cops on you over an argument.

“They will make a fuse out of the fact that they are now educated and earn and contribute to the home.

90% of women do this. The remaining 10% are obviously rare.

Women do not appreciate men who build them.

It’s worst when you’re in a foreign country where women have power.

She will finish you.

Trust me, many women forget kindness too early.

The day something goes wrong, she’d forget sacrifices you made.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t invest in a woman before marriage, but do it as a charity my brother.