Hi! Test your grammar power!

Lasisi behind the scene


1. The higher you go, the … it becomes.
(a) coolest (b) more cool (c) cooler (d) cooller
2. Two of the boys … gone before she arrived.
(a) was (b) has (c) had (d) have
3. Can I get … salt?
(a) some few (b) a piece of (c) a little (d) many
4. See me in … time.
(a) fifteen minute’s (b) fifteens minute’ (c) fifteen minutes’ (d) fifteen minute’s’
5. I’m tired.
(a) Are you? (b) Were you? (c) Aren’t you? (d) Have you?
6. Too bad. The poor man has … himself.
(a) Hang (b) hanged (c) hung (c) hangs (d) hanged
7. I prefer rice … yam.
(a) to (b) than (c) for (d) from
8. From … did you collect the ball?
(a) how (b) while (c) who (d) whom
9. Have you … reading the books?
(a) to be (b) been (c) being (d) be
10. I need … please.
(a) few egg (b) an egg (c) a egg (d) a few egg

SWERAN: Aren’t you?, been, fifteen minutes’, cooler, had, an egg, to, a little, whom, hanged