Voters are rejecting money in Osun – Davido

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Star musician, Davido, has some good news from his home state, Osun.

He says voters are rejecting money being offered them as the crucial governorship election in the state unfolds.

He is a major stakeholder in the poll as his uncle, Ademola Adeleke, is a major contestant, representing the Peoples Democratic Party.

In a compact online message, Davido, who is in Osun, notes that voters are rejecting money being offered them.

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Although he does not say exactly who is giving the abominable cash, he says:

“Pple rejecting money being offered to them left n right of the state today … GREAT TO SEE … there is stilll hope for Nigeria.

“— Davido (@davido) July 16, 2022.”

Vote-buying is the biggest headache in Nigerian elections now.

Because the organising agency, INEC, is blocking other rigging gaps, politicians have devised ‘Dibo ko sebe’ – vote and get money to prepare a pot of soup, through which they give money for votes.
It used to be as low as N1,000; 2,000 but the most recent experience in Ekiti State shows that the buyers are ready to go as high as the sky.

It was gathered that a vote was bought for as high as N10,000 and N15,000 in other unique markets.

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