T-Pain officially launches his own restaurant


Mueez Ajao

– American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer Faheem Rasheed Najm, better known by his stage name T-Pain, celebrate as he announced his acquisition of a restaurant.

– The rapper took to his official Twitter page on Monday to celebrate becoming a restaurant owner.

– T-Pain stated that he is no longer going to disregard the path that God has laid out for him to follow.

He said;

– ”I DID IT BOIS!!!! Im officially a restaurant owner. Got my keys today and I’m scared as shit. BUT! I can no longer ignore the paths God has set for me just because I don’t understand or I’m scared.

– I’ve learned that if I’m not afraid, that means I’m in my comfort zone, that may be what some ppl want but as comfortable as it is in there, it also gets fuggen BORING!!!

– In this new chapter of my life I’m taking the leap on anything I truly love and believe in. I’m fully in control and don’t have to ask for permission to believe in myself anymore.

– Let this be a sign to GO DO THE THING!! If you’re not afraid, you’re too comfortable.”

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