Mike Bamiloye attacks ladies who wear high heels to church

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File photo: Mike Bamiloye, veteran Christian movie producer

Elijah Adebero

Popular gospel drama minister of Mount Zion, Mike Bamiloye, has called out ladies who wear high heels and act in ways he believes are provocative in church.

He believes they have other motives for going to church, rather than praising God.

He is hard on ladies who don’t mind the kinds of clothes they wear to church not minding if dressing in such manner seduces a man.

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Bamiloye,is angry that they they wear high heels and also tight skirts and then dance in a seductive manner that can confuse men in the church.

According to them, they are hired assassins.

He wrote:

“You dress seductively to church.

You danced sensually to praises and worship. In short tight skirt and high heel shoes.

You purposely “DRESSED TO KILL”


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