Nkechi Blessing: Ka3na proffers solution to marriage crashes


Elijah Adebero

BBN Alumni, Kate Ka3na Jones, has suggested a solution that she thinks would go a long way to put an end to the recent marriage breakups among celebrities.

The break-up and attacks between actress Nkechi Blessing and her estranged ‘husband’ dominate the scene now.

Nkechi is claiming that the man, Falegan, feeds on her, adding that he is also not good in bed.

She claims his ‘gbola’ (manhood) is not working well.

Falegan too is however happy to say that he does not want to have anything to do with her, saying she is a lesbian.

Now acording to Ka3na, who is also divorced, everyone should stay unmarried so that the devil won’t be able to attack any marriage like he does.

She wrote:

“How about we all stay unmarried and simply love ourselves?

Let’s see marriages the devil will destroy again.


Surely, the devil is against anything beautiful this period and hopefully this too shall pass over us.

My prayers are with every home under the influence of the devour.”

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