Nedu rants on ladies showing bodies on social media


Popular skit maker and OAP, Nedu Wazobia, has revealed the reason why most female celebrities show off their buttocks while taking pictures.

According to him, they do this because they are searching for men who will patronise their bodies.

Need disclosed these in the latest episode of the Glitch Africa show while making his submission on the topic ‘Nudity on Social Media.’:

“The thing is personally I do not like it.

Even if I like to see it, I do not like it.

Let me be honest with you.

Every girl, it’s just ashawo that is in their eye.

Ashawo, that’s what’s in their eye.

Because the truth is before a girl posts picture on Instagram, she would have taken like 52.

Now from those 52, she will take one where she stands like this……

so that bumbum will come out.

Bumbum that is not there will shoot out.

Then some will bend something that is not there, it will come out.

Now, she will see all those pictures and then decide “Ah this one my yansh shows well well.

Ah this one my breast shows well well, let me post it,

what is your aim to post that thing?

Social media, Instagram, all of them, it is like showglass.

It’s where you sell your market.

So for you to come outside and post that picture that shows your bumbum.

There are some girls if you go their page, everything about them is bumbum.

If their bumbum doesn’t show, they’ve not started taking picture.

What is their aim?

Their aim is to attract customers whether you like it or not.

The customers they want to attract, the girls now decide okay this is my client.

These are the people I should reply to, these are the people I should not reply to.

See, let us stop deceiving ourselves.

I am against it.

If you check all these girls that show breast, I know a few of them.

There is one particular one I know, her breast is like drum.

Now every picture the girl snaps, you’ll know that she’s not wearing pant, she’s not wearing bra.

One day me and the girl got to talk because she wanted to be in a skit.

I asked her, “why do you want to be in our skit?”

Do you know what she told me?

She said, “Ah me I’m looking for a man.”

Her answer, I kid you not.

I then asked her “All these ones that you have posted, it is enough to find man.

This man that you want to find, what are you finding him for?

Is it so that both of you will marry or it’s for sex?

She said, “Ah me I’m looking for a serious relationship”.

I told her “Look you cannot get a serious relationship doing like this because the truth is every average thinking man, every normal man will not want to stay with a woman whose goods are already outside.”

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