Why I recorded song against Salawa Abeni – Kubura Alaragbo


Veteran waka singer, Kubura Alaragbo, has revisited her rold rivalry with Waka Queen, Salawa Abeni.

Both shared limelight in the 1980s and early 1990s, though Salawa has been more popular than her for a long time.

The waka singer who reigned ahead of them was Batili Alake.

Speaking on their former cold relationship, Alaragbo said she became angry when Salawa mocked her (Alaragbo’s) father as a one-eyed man.

The genesis of the abuse, she recalls in an interview with BBC Yoruba, is that her brother, Alani Alaragbo, was a drummer fot fuji great, Kollington Ayinla.

At a point, however, a fight broke out in the Yoruba music industry, involving Salawa, Kollington, Ayinde Barrister and some other artistes.
In the process, Salawa allegedly abused Alani as ‘omo baba oloju kan’, meaning son of a one-eyed man.
Kubura adds that the development at a point became so embarrassing that people were telling her at shows that she was the daughter of a one-eyed man.
This, she notes, made her also abused Salawa in her album.

But she adds that there is no war between her and Salawa again.

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