I feel I take Tuface for granted – Annie

Tuface and Annie

Actress wife of star artiste Tuface Idibia, Annie, has admitted that she might be taking him for granted.

She professed on Thursday that Tuface is bigger than she might be regarding him, saying she lives a with a god – Tuface, that is.

Observers would note that Annie is starting her family year in a novel and inspiring way, based on how much part of 2021 was turbulent for them.
Ironically, she was largely the cause of the storm, as she accused him of still visiting Pero, the baby mama who has three children for him.

This became rowdy, although relative calm later reigned.

Yet, she closed the year with a N500m suit that Pero slammed against her.

But it was a new Annie who told her husband in an IG post on Thursday:

“Celebrating this incredibly talented man! I feel I take him for granted. Sometimes I forget that I literally live with a god. I am grateful to the universe that I get to wake up next to this spirit every other day.” she wrote.

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