Harmattan robs Jos of night life

A view of Jos

Most owners of nightlife centres in Jos-Bukuru metropolis say they are experiencing a downturn in their businesses, as biting harmattan weather forces them to close early.

A correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday in Jos, visited some spots and reports that nightlife activities have reduced drastically.

NAN reports that most of the relaxation spots and hangout joints where public servants, artisans and others meet to socialise at the end of each day’s work are no longer fully patronised.

The businesses, with a few customers now close between 9:00pm and 9:30 pm, unlike in the past when they used to close by midnight.

NAN further reports that the temperature at the early hours of the mornings and late at nights in the metropolis is currently between 12 degrees to 15 degrees Celsius.

Owners of nightlife spots which previously was a beehive of activities around West of Mines, Polo Roundabout and the Old Airport Junction are lamenting the situation.

One of the operators who pleaded anonymity in an interview with NAN blamed the decline on what she called “harsh harmattan” weather.

She decried how business had been bad for her from the second week of January.

She said that most of her clients who used to take between 6 to 7 bottles of beer with various plates of assorted pepper soup, grilled chicken or roasted fish, hardly showed up again due to the weather condition.

According to her, those who show up now come as early as 5: 45 pm and leave latest by 7 pm.

Similarly, the Director of Stop Over Joint, Mr Philip Michael, said the weather had adversely affected nightlife businesses in the metropolis.

He explained how a lot of people have phobia for cold and as a result of that by 7: 00 pm, there are hardly customers to serve.

“The weather is really hitting hard on businesses that thrive in the evening and at nights,” he said.

Also, another relaxation joint owner who pleaded anonymity said aside the weather, the issue of insecurity had also affected the business as people are now forced to regulate their night movements.

Miss Tina Solomon, a seller of grilled chicken and roasted fish at the Old Airport Roundabout, also told NAN that the weather had adversely affected her business.

She said that sometimes she sells and most times she doesn’t sell.

One of the customers that NAN met at a joint said the biting weather had had impact on his health, as he now uses the restroom more often at nights after drinking.

He also said since the weather was also not friendly for nightlife, most times when he stays out late; he often develops flu.

NAN, however, reports that vendors of the locally brewed liquor (also called ogogoro or koskolo) are enjoying high patronage regardless of the weather condition.