Ater collecting N3m ransom from me, the kidnappers called me and said they had killed my daughter – Kaduna parent

Eight-year-old Asmau: Kidnapped and killed in Kaduna

Another Nigerian parent is in agony as some people who abducted her eight-year-old daughter have killed her after collecting N3m ransom from him.

The distraught father is Shuaibu Wa’Alamu, a resident of Kaduna State, who says the deceased, Asma’u, was abducted on December 19.

News of the girl’s death is striking the polity about the same time that of a tender pupil of a Kano, Hanifa Abubakar, school broke out – as she too was killed by a kidnapper who happened to be her teacher/school proprietor.

”My daughter was abducted on the 9th of December and when she failed to return home, I lodged a formal complaint with the Police.

After some days, the abductors began to call my number and demanded for N15m. But we negotiated and I first gave them N2m.

They collected the money in Rigasa area of Kaduna. Later, they called me again and demanded for another N1. 045m as the only condition to release my daughter. I did not argue. But I gave the money to them.

However, after paying the ransom as demanded on the 19th of January, they called me to tell me they had killed my daughter. And they immediately switched off their phone.

You see since from the initial stage, I was following her abductors and doing their bidding because of the fear of losing my daughter. Now, they have killed her.

I know those who abducted her and killed her. They are around us. I’m have strong evidence. I have told the Police. And they are on it. In fact, the suspects have been arrested,” he said.