They came to attack us – Lords’s Chosen pastor on 5 birds found dead at church’s altar

Pastor Mouka. Inset are the birds

The Lord’s Chosen church has had to deal with something strange as six big birds were found dead at the altar of its Lagos headquarters.

Its Pastor, Lazarus Mouka, not only described the development strange, he also. in a viral video, noted that the birds were there to attack.

While calling for a prayer on the incident, he told the congregation that the birds “came for an attack and the Lord killed them”.

Although birds are generally considered a vital part of nature, in Nigeria, it is believed that some of them can possess strange powers.

It is also believed that strange spirits, like those of witches, can enter them or manipulate them to torment other people.

There have been occasions some women were said to have turned to birds or vice-versa.

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