Our pastor who had coronavirus had said his last prayer before he was saved – Kumuyi

Pasto F. Kumuyi, Deeper Life leader

Pastor WF Kumuyi of the Deepe Life Church has narrated hos one of the pastors in the church nearly died from coronavirus.

Some top pastors do not believe in the existence or severity of the disease, but Kumuyi does.

Such other pastors are Bishop David Oyedepo and Chris Oyakhilome.

Stressing that coronavirus was real during a press briefing on Monday, Kumuyi said the pastor had said his last prayer in the isolation he was kept before he got divine intervention.

He said, ‘Great Miracle Explosion’, will run till December 26 at the Deeper Life International Conference Centre, Km 42, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

Responding to a question on the virus, Kumuyi said: “Concerning COVID-19, I want to say that from my observations, from looking at things, I know that COVID-19 is real; it is not fake, it is not a politically arranged thing to do whatever. It’s real.

“We’ve had people who had real COVID19 situations and they were in isolation.

“In fact, one of our men, one of our pastors was about passing away.

“According to him, he had said his last prayer because in that isolation he had seen other people dying, just going like that.

“I knew about it and I called him on phone and prayed with him.

“Within, I would say, one hour, he was completely healed.

“He went to the toilet, got up by himself, came by himself and the Lord brought him back to life.”

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