Majority of our members didn’t raise broilers for Christmas – Poultry association boss


The Chairman, Erikorodo Poultry Farm Estate, Ikorodu, Mrs Juliana Ibitoye, has that many poultry farmers are shunning raising broilers due to high costs of feeds.

She said many of the association’s members did not raise broilers for this Christmas.

She thus appealed to the Federal Government to lift the ban on importation of maize.

Ibitoye told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday that lifting the ban would reduce the cost of production and price of poultry feeds in the country.

She said that it would also help the farmers to sustain their businesses and as well save the sector from total collapse.

Ibitoye said that many farmers were boycotting broiler production for Christmas due to high cost of feeds.

She said that only very few farmers raised broiler this year unlike previous years that almost everybody would have chicken for sales during Yuletide.

Ibitoye noted that catfish farmers were also affected.

He added that the shortage of maize production created a general problem for both sectors.

“Everything is expensive now. The price of feeds and charcoal are on the high side.

“We cannot increase the price of birds because of our customers willingness to buy.

“There will be supply but it might not be enough because many farmers boycotted broilers. I did not raise broiler for Christmas because of the cost,’’ she said.

Ibitoye said that poultry farmers were now into egg production in order to sustain their businesses.

“There will be chicken but I don’t know the price if the chickens are not much the price will go up.

“We have about 100 members in our farm estate and majority of them did not raise broiler for Christmas. Many of us raised old layers. I have my layers that are laying eggs and i just sold them.

“In fact, I have a house for broiler production but the cost of producing and margin of profit is just too minimal and discouraging,” she said.

Ibitoye urged the government to find lasting solution to the challenges confronting the poultry sector through loan, grants and inputs.

“The way out of this problem is for the government to sit down and fashion out how they are going to help farmers so that many farms will not fold-up.

“Government assistance can come in form of loans, grants, or inputs. There should be thorough monitoring mechanism to oversee whatever government is giving out to people,’’ she said.