Don Jazzy’s confession: ‘D’Banj is the catalyst of my success’

D'banj and Don Jazzy

Many people would think that celebrated music producer, Don Jazzy, has bile towards ace musician, D’Banj.

This is based on how they parted after some years of winning partnership under the umbrella of the now defunct Mo Hits.

But Don Jazzy has rather hailed D’Banj and identified him as a pillar of his breakthrough.

In a new interview with Olajide Adesope, tagged: “Don Jazzy on Afrobeats Podcast 50th Exclusive Edition”, Don Jazzy said: “Dbanj is the creator/catalyst. If you leave me, every situation I’m in, it’s like I’m contented, I’m okay there.

“But Dbanj saw me and everything that people see in me now. He just sparked it in me.

“Left to me, I would have just been where I was and not do much about it. So, I would say he was that catalyst that said ‘Jazzy do this and that.

“He ensured I achieved the things I did. He sold the idea of us coming back to Nigeria and that we did.”

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But many will not hesitate to recognise Don Jazzy as one of the greatest things to have happened to contemporary music in Nigeria.

He helped in creating the sound that has given it global acceptance, alongside a few other cute heads.

On the exploits of his Marvin Records, formed after Mo Hits was buried, Jazzy said it had unfolded according to his vision for the industry.

He added, “All I know is that I had always wanted to build a beautiful record label or an entertainment company that is a powerhouse for developing artistes for Africa.

“We don’t have one. So, I felt there should be one at least to give people hope. Find people, develop them and send them out to the world.

“Now, it looks a whole lot easier getting to the world than it was back then. But it remains the goal: find young people and break them internationally.”