Bobrisky romances 9 grammatical blunders as she gives reason she got 2-2 at UNILAG


Elijah Adebero

Popular cross dresser, Idris Okunneye, also known as Bobrisky, has revealed why he ended up with a 2-2 in the university.

The grade – Second Class Lower – is not a bad pass but he seems to think so.

This is as crossdresser, who shared a post on Snapchat, apologised for typographical errors in his social media posts, stating that such were often caused by the length of her nails.


Bobrisky said that although he graduated with a second class lower, he still made money more than those who graduated with first class.

He wrote (SIC):

“Sorry about my typo guys, my nails are damn long.

so mistakes will definitely happen when typing.

That one no means say I be olodo.

I finished with 2-2 in university of Lagos.

I sha still get money pas the ones that graduated with first class.

Na overconfidence make I get carryover when you are too proud to copy in the exam hall.

I was doing over sabi book.

I remember when john offer to me to copy him.

I said no thank you, my university days is wack.

I study accounting in university of Lagos, Faculty of business administration.

That is y i like money so much.”

Meanwhile, here are some grammatical mistakes in the above post, as observed by (The pidgin aspect is pardoned.)
1. Line 2: He started a sentence with a small letter (‘so’, instead of ‘So’).
2. The ‘So’ should be followed by a comma – ‘So,’.
3. Line 4: Starting University of Lagos with a small letter.
4. Line 8: Starting ‘John’ with a small letter.
5. Line 9: He should have written ‘My university days are’, not ‘My university days is’.
6. Line 10: About four errors. He wrote ‘I study’ instead of ‘I studied’, ‘accounting’ instead of ‘Accounting’, ‘university of Lagos’ instead of ‘University of Lagos’, ‘faculty of business Administration instead of the correct term, ‘Faculty of Business Administration’.
So, in all, beyond the type errors that Bobrisky referred to, there are about 10 grammatical errors in her post.