Lai Mohammed unveils Audience Measurement Committee

Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has
announced a 13-member Task Force to oversee and deliver the Audience
Measurement Service on Nigeria Media Platforms.

In a statement issued in Abuja on Thursday, the Minister said the
approval followed the recommendation of the Task Force’s membership by
the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) and the Advertising
Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON).

He directed the NBC and APCON to collaborate to set a framework for
the operations and activities of the Task Force, in order to ensure
that the Audience Measurement Service comes into effect in the first
quarter of 2022.

APCON and the NBC had earlier announced the appointment of First Media
and Entertainment Integrated (Nigeria} Limited (FMEIL) for the
development and delivery of audience measurement service on Nigeria
Media Platforms in order to deepen advertising spend, improve the
advertising and broadcasting ecosystem and increase investment in
advertising and broadcast media content.

The members of the Task Force are:

1. Mr. Tolu Ogunkoya – Chairman
2. Mr. Femi Adelusi – President MIPAN
3. Mr. Steve Babaeko – President AAAN
4. Mrs. Bunmi Adeniba – President ADVAN
5. Mrs. Jibe Ologeh – President EMCOAN
6. Mr. Yinka Oduniyi – President ITPAN
7. Mr. Guy Murray Bruce – President IBAN
8. Kadaria Ahmed – Member
9. Mrs. Pauline Ehusani – Director, NBC
10. Mrs. Ijedi Iyoha – Director, APCON
11. Alhaji Garba Bello Kankarofi – Member
12. Hajia Sa’a Ibrahim – Member
13. Mr. Joe Mutah – Secretary

Segun Adeyemi
Special Assistant To The President (Media)
Office of the Minister of Information and Culture
25 Nov. 2021