Angry Yomi Fabiyi remembers how Baba Suwe was tortured when accused of swallowing cocaine

Baba Suwe

Popular actor, Yomi Fabiyi, has recalled angrily how deceased comedian, Baba Suwe, was allegedly tortured when he was accused of swallowing hard drugs he was allegedly trafficking.

He was expected to excrete the drugs said to have been detected to be in his system, but none was eventually produced.

Many believe that his experience then was the genesis of his ill health.

Recalling the epoch, Fabiyi, who had earlier said it was Baba Suwe who discovered him as a n actor, said in a post on Wednesday (sic):

… really don’t wish for this moment but God understands. I cried out, spoke out but they tried to silence and hurt me for speaking up. They envy everything including voices that fights against injustice. They use social media to kill voice of reasoning.

Those fellow citizens who inflicted and supported the pains, torture done on you Baba Suwe because they have the tools of public service power are cursed and will never know peace. Their generation shall not be free from such wickedness and injustice even if justice is sold for free in the land.

Using TORTURE or unlawful EXCESSIVE FORCE for investigation is the purest evil and wickedness to mankind. A gross human rights violations. How can you be suspecting, accussing someone and already punishing at Police Station level?

We must understand that only a forward thinking Nigerians can save this country. The idea of “This is Nigeria” is the reason why we have not move forward. They always rely on quack approaches and ideas that have sent many innocent people to gallows and avoidable deaths. Everyone is raised with brutality and violations, hence we can’t understand why we don’t place value for lives and right protection first.