Toke Makinwa bereaved ahead of Gulder Ultimate Search hosting

Toke Makinwa

Celebrity OAP, Toke Makinwa, is preparing to host the Gulder Ultimate Search reality show – but this is with a burdened heart.

A few days ago, she lost a sister, a development that, she says, has brought a tough time to her family.

Revealing this on Twitter, she says, “Having to work in the midst of heart wrenching pain is confusing, the Production guys and the entire NB team have been super helpful too. The show must go on so I wipe my tears between takes and focus on delivering on this job. God is still God, I guess.””

She, however, noted that she is receiving support from all quarters.

“You guys make me cry, the amount of support has been so overwhelming, I will not disappoint you all. It’s been the darkest 10 days of my life, I got off the reunion show for BBN to hear that my big sister passed away. My family is going through so much right now guys, thank you.

“This weekend has been one of the darkest yet, I’ve had to pull myself together to work through it all. Wiping away tears as I get ready, shuffling between sets and still standing. You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you’ve got left,” she tweeted on Wednesday.

“You all be so mad it gives me a kick to watch you all cry. Even if the show airs, I know you won’t give me my flowers because it’ll kill you to admit that you are wrong. But you know what? The ball is already in motion, I’ve moved on to even more things that’ll drive you more mad.”