Pero will always remain Tuface’s first wife – Her friends insist

Pero (in the middle) with the friends

The ‘fight-back’ war that friends of Tuface’s baby mama, Pero, seems to be staging is not yet abating.

Pero, who has three children for the musician, is in Nigeria from her US base.

The friends, who have been posting videos and photos of their welcome activities online, had first declared that she was the unhakable ‘First Lady’, referring to the one of Tuface’s household.

In another video, one of them insists, “This is Otukpo babe. This is 2Baba’s first wife. No Jupiter can take that away.”

In response, an awed Pero only laughed, with a gesture that she is surprised her friends are pressing the matter.

In what seems like a response to the saga, Tuface also just posted a video of him and his wife, Annie, who had recently accused him of still seeing Pero.

He was in Abuja when Pero arrived the capital city three days ago – although he was attending a conference.