Pero on Annie-Tuface accusation: ‘The liar that started this madness knows the truth’

Tuface and Pero

Make-up artist and mother-of-three for popular musician Tuface, Pero Adeniyi, appears to have broken her silence on reports and insinuation over alleged continued relationship with the man.

They had three children together but Tuface has since got married to actress Annie Idibia.

After a long history of controversial episodes between Tuface and Pero, Annie stirred up the dust recently when she claimed that the duo were still seeing.

After the war sparked went down, Pero’s friends launched a crusade, saying Pero remained Tuface’s ‘first lady’, ‘firt wife’ etc.

This forced many to ask Pero to speak up on the matter.

In a reaction on Saturday, however, she said the ‘truth’ was special t her, adding that they would not believe her even if she spilled it.

Besides, she referred to one liar that started the madness: